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Our services cover the types of intellectual property included within the laws of each country in the region (please see the table below for current protection by property type and Gulf Cooperation Council country.   Our primary services involve the registration for protection, the assignment of the right to use a registered intellectual property and the monitoring for potential infringements.  Obviously the precise service depends on the legislative infrastructure for the particular legal jurisdiction.

Intellectual Property Registration
We work with clients to check the viability of the trademark, patent or design within the required jurisdiction; negotiating with other mark agents to resolve potential conflicts.  We assist clients in compiling the required documentation (including definition and, where appropriate, proof of foreign registration).  We then handle the authorisation process directly with the authorities to ensure that the registration happens quickly and smoothly.

Assignment of Interest/Usage
Where a client wishes to authorise or license an agent or other party to use a registered property, we assist in reviewing the agreement. Once a legally sustainable agreement is reached, we undertake the registration of that assignment, including, where appropriate, the translation and notarisation of any documents before registering these with the relevant authority.

Infringement Watch
Once an intellectual property has been registered in a jurisdiction, we monitor the applications for registration as well as Cautionary Notices.  This enables us to advise our clients of potential infringements and to intervene on their behalf to protect our clients’ interests.

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